Chivo is a purveyor of fine cuisine providing quality food without pretense. We do not compromise this quality, respecting our community, never trying to fool them with sub-par ingredients or preparation. Long standing relationships with farmers have allowed us to procure these hyper-local, fresh ingredients. We work directly with farmers, leveraging networks known to one of our partners whose family has farmed in East Tennessee for over 100 years.

Chivo relies on the concept of “nose to tail”, whole animal usage to provide excellent food to our customers. We use hogs that are fed local grain procured from a grower in New Market, Tennessee and then processed by a USDA inspected facility in Greenville. This meat is then brought directly to our store. Our whole animal concept, much like our local sourcing, is not just a buzzword we use for marketing purposes. We are utilizing nearly the entire animal. This results in significant waste reduction and more creative, authentic dishes. Other locally sourced items at Chivo include beef, lamb, and goats from local farms, and vegetables from local farmers, weather permitting.

At Chivo, we grind our own flour from local, non-GMO white dent corn combined with other heirloom variety corn sourced directly from a Mexican cooperative, Masienda. We do so in the traditional spirit of the nixtamel process with no shortcuts or compromise.


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